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The Impact of Ethical Climate on Emotional Engagement and Team Orientation

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2022
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Author Name : Vianny Jeniston Delima* and Treshalin Sellar**
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Subject/Domain : Arts & Humanities
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The apparel industry must ensure emotional engagement and team orientation among the employees to be successful in the dynamic environment. The ethical climate is perceptions regarding correct behavior and the ways of handling ethical issues. This study focuses on how ethical behavior affects employees' emotional attachment to the organization and their collaboration and cooperation in executing business activities and making decisions. In the Sri Lankan context, it is difficult to find empirical studies on the impact of ethical climate on emotional engagement and team orientation, especially in the apparel sector. Thus, there is an empirical knowledge gap that exists and this study attempts to fill it. The data was collected through survey responses using a closed structured questionnaire, in which the sample comprised 200 machine operators working at three garment factories in the Kalutara district. Data was analyzed and evaluated by univariate and bivariate techniques. In univariate analysis, descriptive statistic has been used for the analysis and in bivariate analysis, correlation has been used. The findings show that there is a strong positive relationship between ethical climate and emotional engagement and a strong positive relationship between ethical climate and team orientation. Further, the major findings of the study revealed that ethical climate has a significant positive impact on emotional engagement and team orientation among the machine operators of the apparel industry in the Kalutara district.


Sri Lanka's garment industry is highly concentrated in large-scale factories. That concentration saved a large part of export earnings, while providing many job opportunities. The apparel industry has had more impact on the total export earnings of the country over the past five years. The apparel industry can make an impact on the economy of Sri Lanka (Embuldeniya, 2015).