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The Relationship Between Virtue-Based Management Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2022
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The present paper is an attempt to understand how virtue-based management practices are helpful in creating an environment which facilitates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in organizations. The study seeks to examine how managers rate their organization's management and its nature and dimensionalities. To act in accordance with the economic, ethical, philanthropic and legal principles of CSR, managers of business organizations need to create an environment of value and ethics within the organization and influence employees. The study of the relationship between virtue-based management practices and CSR has emerged as a major phenomenon in modern business literature. The study analyzes and explores the components of virtue-based managerial practices and their relationship with CSR dimensions.


For an organization to become successful, an optimal person-organization fit, i.e., alignment of people's goals, values and virtues to that of the organization, is essential and extremely important. Such congruence, in turn, instills in the employees a sense of virtue, ethical behavior and organizational loyalty. Therefore, organizations may strive to achieve productivity and efficiency by developing virtuousness amongst its employees through organizational culture as well as by enhancing rational self-interest.