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Ethiopian Tourism Market: Battling the Pangs of Covid-19 Pandemic

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Pub. Date : June' 2021
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Year 2020 was a perplexing year that put the world’s progressive capabilities to the litmus test. The unsolicited spread of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic around the world has severely impacted countries at different times, through different ways and in widely varying proportions. The hurried response to curb the disastrous effect has translated into lockdowns across nations, albeit in varying degrees, under blanket implementation of travel restrictions and shutdowns of borders, making tourism one of the hardest-hit sectors at this crucial time.

Living with the novel coronavirus

(Covid-19) is the new normal. The pandemic has since been causing significant adverse impact on the global economy, including Ethiopia. Governments around the world are now compelled to implement various fiscal and monetary measures not only to mitigate the adverse impacts but also to initiate necessary relief for the businesses, markets and the households alike, notwithstanding the untold miseries thrust upon the hapless human beings (see Table 1) (Ozili, 2020) around the globe.