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Impact of Retail Credit on Online Impulsive Buying Behavior of Millennials and Gen Z

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Pub. Date : Aug, 2023
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Author Name : Rashika Kumari, Mohd Adnan, V C Sharma and J D S Negi
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Increasing consumerism, changing lifestyle of modern consumers, shifting needs, trends and preferences, and the recent Covid-19 pandemic have collectively resulted in mushrooming of e-commerce startups, which has subsequently led to impulsive and unsustainable consumer behavior. For facilitating and enhancing consumer satisfaction and experience 24/7, these e-commerce establishments keep innovating and launching different products and services, easy payment methods like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), instant credit, credit card, etc. to lure consumers. Undoubtedly, the payment industry, in the form of e-wallets, has witnessed a paradigm shift recently owing to digitalization and easy Internet access. There is an increasing trend of impulsive buying among millennials and Gen Z in India currently. The study explores the impact of BNPL schemes on the impulsive buying behavior of millennials and Gen Z. Further, the risks and constraints faced by these popular cohorts are also highlighted in the study. Over 100 millennials and Gen Z were contacted personally as well as via Google Forms for the purpose of data collection. Kruksal-Wallis Test was used for analyzing the data. The findings show that BNPL schemes significantly impact the purchase behavior of millennials and Gen Z. The BNPL ecosystem shows tremendous opportunities for the growth of new fintech startups in India.


Technological disruptions are now a part and parcel of Industry 4.0. Unprecedented increase in people using smartphone devices, cheap Internet costs, sprawling broadband connectivity, rise in the number of Internet users which rose exponentially from 413