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Influence of Product Design on Consumers' Purchase Intention Towards Electronic Products

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Pub. Date : Aug, 2023
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Author Name : V Kokila and N Sampathlakshmi
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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In today's competitive market, consumers have multiple options when it comes to selecting a product. Product design acts as a commanding feature in the product mix. Although product design has been recognized as an influencing attribute, the cognition and affective states of consumers with regard to product design has not been explored. The study investigates cognition and affective states with regard to electronic products based on Mehrabian and Russell's Framework. Cognition and affective states are internal states of an individual in response to a stimulus that leads to a particular response. They are paramount in developing the intention to purchase and in creating an opinion about a product based on its product design. The study aims to identify how product design leads to cognition and affective states within a consumer and its influence on purchase intention, particularly for electronic products like televisions, computers, mobile phones and air conditioners. The findings show that the product design of electronic products has a very strong influence on the cognition and affective states of the consumers. The study implies that consumers judge a product and attach emotions to the brand depending on product design.


When choosing a product, consumers find themselves in a difficult position as there are many alternatives in the market. The choice depends on numerous factors, and among them the features of the product play an immense role. Products are a crucial part of marketing combination, and the design of the product is used by the marketers to obtain a positive return on investment (Berkowitz, 1987). Product design is critical in attracting potential customers. Products through their design can communicate value to the