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Influence of Smartphone Use on In-Store and Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers

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Pub. Date : Aug, 2023
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Author Name : Sarthak Mane and Mahima Kaura Mathur
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Smartphones have evolved into an important appendage for consumers and are now ubiquitous and increasingly used for several reasons. The simplicity and convenience of mobile devices has given a boost to e-commerce, forcing companies to focus on ways to enhance online shopping experience. Companies face new realities as the environment evolves, and a better understanding of how consumers use their mobile phones during the purchasing process is critical. This study analyzes the role mobile phones play in influencing major shopping decisions of consumers. The purpose is to understand the impact of smartphones on the way people purchase different products and services both in brickand- mortar and online retail. The data was collected from a sample of 227 respondents across all regions of India. The study found that mobile device use does have an impact on the shopping behavior of consumers. The findings may be useful to businesses who use or plan to use mobile channel to communicate with their customers.


Smartphones have evolved into an important appendage without which users feel incomplete and lost. Given the device's importance in linking users to the rest of the world, it is only natural for the commercial microcosm to celebrate it as its new poster boy. Mobile gadgets are now ubiquitous and are used for several reasons. Mobile application solutions have grown at an exponential rate, from finding transportation to filing taxes. E-commerce is one of the fastest mobile application verticals. Due to the sheer simplicity and convenience that mobile devices bring to the online shopping experience, e-commerce is booming.

One of the major uses that smartphones have been put to over the years is for shopping online for a variety of products and services. The Covid-19 pandemic shifted most shopping to mobile, thereby increasing the role of smartphones in the purchase journey