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Networks of Multilateral Imperialism: The Politics of Foreign Aid and the State of Sub-Saharan Africa

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2021
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Author Name : Temitope Peter Ola
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This is a broad examination of the issue of foreign aid in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), looking at the states of SSA and attempting to understand the international hegemony and power that drives it. The paper focuses specifically on foreign aid as a socioeconomic instrument in the dynamics of (dis)empowerment, subordination, and economic crisis using the debt burden to explain not just the overall challenge of multilateral imperialism but also the nature of impact it has on the states in SSA. The paper concludes by making a case for alternative objectives of international financial institutions for international development.


For a world wanting to end poverty, sustain the environment and foster healthy, thriving humanity, many of the necessary pieces are now in place. Amazing opportunities abound to enable the creation of a better inclusive world. There is enough food and water for everyone. There are medicines to cure diseases and to prevent epidemics that plague millions of people. There are transportation systems that can deliver life's essentials to even the more remote corners of the planet. The capacity to raise literacy levels and to provide Internet services that could make it possible for every person on the planet to communicate with every other person exists. Tools for conflict resolution that could render war obsolete are available. Technologies that explore the vastness of space and the minutest sub-atomic energy which could be deplored to develop more ecological and efficient homes for everyone are within reach.