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The Impact of Trust and Integrity on Police Performance and Community Happiness: The Mediating Role of Procedural Justice

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Pub. Date : October, 2021
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
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Author Name : Mohammed Abdul Nayeem
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This review explores the impact of trust and integrity on police performance and community happiness and the mediating role of procedural justice in the context of Telangana police. The relationship among the variables is established through a systematic literature review and accordingly, the research gaps are also identified. A conceptual framework is also presented to study the relationships. A mixed-method approach to validate the relationship in question through the collection of data is also suggested, hoping it would provide theoretical and practical implications and recommendations on making community policing more effective in generating community happiness.


The Government of Telangana has in place a citizens' charter to cater to the needs of the people by making people-friendly police that determine government policies, strategies, and services that would harness the virtues of positive lifestyle and well-being in the community and a plan to develop happiness index to measure people's satisfaction (Telangana Police Portal, 2019). The government has placed much importance on the happiness of the communities, and community policing is one of the ways expected to achieve it. The State follows a strategic vision of the State police concerning community happiness and has initiated a wide spectrum of initiatives to achieve it. In the State, community policing is employed to promote successful models that bring collaboration between police and communities to address community concerns and ensure that the police respond to the needs of the public in general, thus ensuring that trust and integrity are developed for improved security.

A lot of research has been done on community policing in terms of how close the police are to the community, the best practices, the effect on crime rates, external strategies and security. However, there is still a need to investigate the effect of community