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Simulation of a 250 kW PV Connected Power System Using Fuzzy Logic

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2023
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Author Name : Mohd Mustafa, A Ragavendiran and G Anandha Kumar
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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Many recent studies have revealed that power quality concerns in existing energy systems must be eliminated in order to meet today's energy sector needs. With rising living standards comes rising per capita energy demand, which may be met by expanding the use of renewable resources. Many researchers have identified strategies to incorporate renewable energies into the current energy sector across the globe. Adding renewable energy sources has created additional power quality challenges such as harmonic distortion, voltage sag and swell, current and voltage disruptions, etc., which influence system dependability. Power quality concerns must be solved in order to fully incorporate renewable energy sources. In this paper, a 250 kW PV system has been modeled and connected to the current grid infrastructure. Harmonic analysis was also performed with the PV system's connected grid, and harmonic filters were created to be connected in parallel with the PV system and the current system. The simulation is carried out in MATLAB Simulink.


Power system is a basic source that supplies energy to customers. Economic and technological systems work together to satisfy energy needs. Energy demand fluctuates due to a variety of variables, including price, consumption and regulation. Energy systems include grids, energy demand management, day lighting and solar building design (Rinchin et al., 2015). Voltage source inverters (VSIs) have been employed in several renewable


Photovoltaic (PV) array, IGBT convertor, MPPT, Inverter control, Filter