Supply Chain Management
Impact of Technology on Warehouse Management: A Mixed-Methods Research Approach

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Pub. Date : Dec 2023
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management
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Author Name : Praveen Khare and Mukesh Chansoriya
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Subject/Domain : Strategic
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Technology is dynamically transforming the supply chain landscape, triggering various demands on managerial competence to meet the requirements. The global boom in warehouse technology is attributed to the surge in e-commerce. Rapid innovations in hardware and software promote automation. This study underscores the importance of these technologies in enhancing warehouse operations, acknowledging the critical decisions managers make in selecting appropriate technologies. While automation in warehousing has flooded the market with customized offerings, there is a dearth of standardized guidelines. This study evaluates proven technology, providing a guideline for its assessment. It aims to provide handy lessons that are helpful throughout a tech upgrade project.


In recent years, the warehouse industry has undergone an affirmative transformation from manual warehouses to automated facilities globally, predominantly fueled by rapid advancements in technology. This has impacted every aspect of business, from customer behavior and demands to manager's understanding, knowledge, and capabilities to meet those demands. With an overview of the evolution and progress within this sector over the last decade, this paper examines technology that has been pivotal in driving efficiency and innovation in warehouse operations.

Companies and managers are continually striving to adapt and successfully integrate these technological developments into their warehouses. The transition from traditional, manual warehouses to technologically enhanced facilities began with the employment of warehouse management systems (WMS) in close coordination with mobile scanning devices. This changeover triggered the beginning of an era of technological integration. Some of the technology adopted in the process continues to be prevalent. Prominent warehouse technology systems include voice picking systems, put-to-light systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), and sorters. With new technology, not only did warehousing upgrade by several leaps, but it also became more open and adaptive to further technological enhancements. As per a McKinsey report, the broader use of technology is in the areas of inbound, putaway, picking, and replenishment (Finco and Ashta, 2023).