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Soft Skill Development in the Higher Education Curriculum: A Case Study

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2018
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Author Name : Lisa Sheldon Brown
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In the study of career success in a rapidly changing world, the importance of preparing established career professionals for increased success as they transition from roles and/or organizations has increased. Measuring success in careers has also changed. In this field of study, intrinsic variables are now perceived as important as the extrinsic as we move forward and consider the whole personal and life-span development in addition to the extrinsic, objective measurements predominant in the past. The paper is a study of the efficacy of an online graduate program designed to prepare students with the mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration, and communication skills necessary for the 21st century global workplace.


The context of work, the meaning of work, and the measurement of success in work has changed dramatically over the course of the past millennia as the developing nations have moved rapidly from feudal societies to technical, information-based societies where most careers are set in offices or in an organizational construct. In the past, the privileged few held attitudes of open disdain for work, philosophical pursuits were espoused as noble pursuits and ‘work’ itself was the toil and labor of the under classes (Hill, 1999; and Dawson, 2005). In the developed world, ‘work’ is now the activity which most adults dedicate the majority of their lives to. Preparing individuals for success in the 21st century workplace needs to include instruction and skill development in areas which will best prepare them to effectively collaborate, lead, and work in a community of diversity.