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Nativity and Its Bearing on the Students’ Intentions for Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Study

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Pub. Date : March, 2019
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Author Name : Md. Mahmudul Hassan
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The present study analyzes the Technical Efficiency (TE) of poultry layer production in Bangladesh for a sample of 100 poultry farmers selected from Kishoreganj and Dhaka districts in Bangladesh. Stochastic parametric practice is employed to evaluate the TE of the sample poultry farmers. The results show that size of Day Old Chicks (DOC) and feed input played a crucial role in egg output. Estimated mean TE was 34%, 48% and 61% for layer small, medium and large farm respectively and this variation proposes the existence of further opportunities for layer farmers in sample area to intensify their productivity and income with improvements in TE. Different socioeconomic variables were observed to be negatively related to technical inefficiency. Ensuring the availability of quality DOC and feed, vaccination service, tax exemption, subsidy, poultry insurance with an all-out poultry-friendly policy are the needs of the current situation.


Government efforts, the involvement of some NGOs and entrepreneurs, and changes in the socioeconomic status of the country over the most recent two to three decades have favored the greater investment shift in the Bangladeshi poultry sector (Raha, 2013). Poultry farm in Bangladesh has changed a lot of people’s fate and this is all about the entrepreneurs how to start a poultry farm and serve the nation. Entrepreneurship development is a precondition for the sustained economic development of a country (Enke, 1978, p. 538), and poultry can play a vital role in this regard.