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Off-the-Shelf IT Solutions: A Practitioner’s Guide to Selection and Procurement

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2019
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
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Author Name : Amit K Srivastava and Arpita Mehta
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The genres which can be assigned to the book are business and information technology. The intended audience is private and public sector organizations and stakeholders who are impacted by the selection and adoption of off-the-shelf IT solutions. The theme of the book revolves around evaluation, selection and procurement of an off-theshelf IT solution for a business. An off-the-shelf IT solution is the terminology given to the ready-made software products which come handy and can be directly installed in a business entity or organization. An organization may face some issues while adopting a new off-theshelf IT solution which can be avoided by following proper IT selection and adoption life cycle. The author of the book focuses on explaining the selection and adoption process of the IT solution related to a business organization which is most commonly referred to as the enterprise software. The following three stages in the process of selection and procurement of an IT solution are emphasized: