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The Relationship Between Valuation Criteria and Maturity Level of Knowledge Management: An Empirical Analysis

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2019
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Author Name : Sorush Niknamian
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This study examines the valuation criteria based on the maturity level of knowledge management in the executive agencies of Khuzestan province, Iran. The respondents were the administrative staff of Khuzestan province; 382 respondents were selected as the statistical sample using Cochran’s formula. The study included 17 variables of valuation criteria and 13 variables of maturity level of knowledge management. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between the valuation criteria, and the maturity level of knowledge management.


With the increasing importance of Knowledge Management (KM) in the success of business units, the concept of using knowledge management is increasing in leading organizations to create sustainable competitive advantage. However, there is still no comprehensive approach to determine the current status of organizations in the field of knowledge management, and what needs to be done to achieve a desirable position is continuous improvement based on evolutionary and step-by-step development (Kochikar, 2000). In recent years, a few models have been proposed inspired by puberty models called knowledge management maturity models. These models are a structured approach to implementing knowledge management (Kuriakose et al., 2010). Though different maturity models have been introduced (Oliva, 2014), there is no appropriate model for evaluating the extent of development and maturity of organizations from the perspective of knowledge management and limited practical evidence is available in assessing the impact and effectiveness of maturity models of knowledge management.