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Creating Value-Based Organizational Environment Through Integral Leadership

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2019
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Author Name : Jaideep and Sunita Singh Sengupta
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People today are in quest of business leaders who can demonstrate leadership that is free from dishonesty or gross negligence and which can prevent their corporations from making front page news. The present paper is an attempt to understand integral leadership style in order to create an environment which facilitates virtue-based management practices in organizations. The paper examines the managers’ leadership style in the Indian business context. It makes an attempt to analyze the leadership style (self) of managers according to the integral leadership style and explores the components of Virtue-Based Managerial Practices and its relationship with integral approach to leadership.


The word ‘integral’ was used by the early 20th century Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo, who synthesized multiple strands of Indian spirituality and philosophy, combining them with a modern, scientifically-informed consciousness to produce the ‘Integral yoga’ (Fraser, 2008).

Reflection and consciousness are important elements to develop self-awareness and integrity in leadership. Using the multidisciplinary approach as well as multi-level analysis, the integral model integrates the individual and collective components of leadership as well as its objective and subjective nature in seeking to create and embody a new integral leadership paradigm, which is holistic, systemic, open, comprehensive, cooperative, authentic, and appreciative. Integral Coaching is, in large part, grounded in integral psychology. Haridas Chaudhuri, handpicked by Sri Aurobindo to represent his Integral Yoga in the United States and one of the preeminent scholars in the field of integral yoga, offered this definition of integral psychology (Miovic, 2003).