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The Effect of Size of Piles on the Seismic Response of Multi-Storey Buildings Considering Soil-Structure Interaction

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2019
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Structural Engineering
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Author Name : Prema A Shet, C M Ravi Kumar and H Eramma
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Subject/Domain : Science and Technology
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Foundation is the fundamental component of the structure which associates with the earth and exchanges the load from structure to the ground. Foundations are normally thought to be either shallow or deep. Pile foundation is a major type of deep foundation. The Soil-Pile Structure Interaction (SPSI) is a complex phenomenon, which can affect the response of structure during dynamic excitation such as earthquake. To deal with such complexities, it is necessary to consider soil properties and foundation properties for analyzing system behavior under dynamic excitation. The present investigation intends to study the effects of the SPSI on the dynamic response of buildings with a 15-storey moment resisting frame resting on differently sized floating pile foundation simulated numerically. The present study describes a numerical modeling technique using SAP 2000 software for the simulation of complex seismic SPSI phenomenon. By adopting direct method of calculation, numerical model can perform a linear response spectrum method and linear static analysis to realistically simulate the dynamic behavior of soil, pile foundations and structure under seismic excitations. The results obtained for storey displacement, storey drift, pile bending moments, pile shear force and lateral pile deflection show that the type of pile elements influences the dynamic characteristics and seismic response of building due to interaction of soil, pile foundations and structure.


Seismic analysis of building assumes a vital part in the present situation. The traditional basic investigation of a casing is done expecting foundation lying on unyielding supports, i.e., by considering column ends are fixed and neglecting the effect of soil deformations. In veracity, any thoughtful building structure lying on deformable soil brings about redistribution of forces and moments because of Soil- Structure Interaction (SSI). Along these lines, conventional analysis is idealistic and might be risky. The interaction effect is more noticeable in the case of multistoreyed structures because of extreme loads and may turn out to be additionally bothered when such structures are subjected to seismic burdens. Past earthquake investigation of the structures reveals an idea regarding the behavior of structure to seismic forces and their damage.


Soil-Pile Structure Interaction (SPSI), Pile foundation, Friction piles, SAP 2000