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Computer-Aided Modeling of Six Chamber Rotary Engine

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Pub. Date :May, 2019
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Author Name : Bhushan R Mahajan, S S Khandare and A V Vanalkar
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper studies the concept of rotary type stroke-less engine consisting of six vanes fixed on splined eccentric rotor with integrated shaft mounted on stator. The chosen suitable sizes of diameter and length are 100, 70 and 70 mm for stator, rotor and vanes, respectively. Computer-aided modeling of all components along with assembly of engine has been done using Creo-Pro engineer software by choosing different vane angles from 0 to 360º at 5º interval. Various sizes of stator and rotor diameter were chosen, and then the volumes and pressure of different zones along the rotor were recorded for getting the optimized value of compression ratio and cubic capacity. The simulation analysis with and without combustion of air fuel mixture, using Excel tool, was carried out to find the variation of pressure versus vane angle.


The paper investigates two types of mechanisms, viz., rotary and reciprocating piston, by engine designers to provide the society with an efficient but economical mobile power source. The reciprocating piston engine becomes the dominant mechanism for internal combustion engines because of the simplicity of the combustion chamber sealing design. However, many problems still exist in the piston-crank design that limit the efficiency of this mechanism. Likewise, complications of the rotary mechanism sealing (namely, air tightness and durability) have hampered the rotary engine as a viable and economical power plant. With the development of new technologies, many are getting attracted to the advantages of rotary engine. Hansen (1986) showed an elliptical rotor with two rotor vanes and two stator vanes; each vane is connected to a cam assembly (Yamamoto, 1981; Hansen, 1986;


Rotary, Six chambers, Compression ratio, Suction, Expansion, Exhaust angle