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A Framework for Measuring On-Time Delivery Performance in Processing Organization: A Case Study

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Pub. Date :May, 2019
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Author Name : Jagdeep Singh, Gurwinder Singh and Harwinder Singh
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Subject/Domain : Management
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On-time delivery of product to the customer is a major factor in increasing customer satisfaction and creating goodwill for the company. This study helps to develop a logical framework that provides the measurement of delivery performance to meet the objective of study with the help of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Ishikawa diagram. This framework deals with the delivery error factors like delivery correctness, delivery precision and delivery completeness for measuring the on-time delivery performance of finished products. The results indicate that the product paneer 5 kg packet has the highest delivery performance of 1, and the product curd 150 g packet and special lassi have the lowest delivery performance of 0.844.


mits by the organization. Delivery time is considered as the time between the order placed by the customer and the product reaching the customer from the manufacturing organization. It is necessary to measure the performance of delivery of products organization-wise, to fulfill the requirement of the customer by providing the product on time without any delay or error. Delivery performance consists of flow of customer order through different processes within the organization. Measurement of delivery performance is also considered as a key factor for success. On-time delivery achieves the goal of delivering the accurate products to the right customers, of the right quality, on time.