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Linking EHR and ERP in Healthcare Operations: A Conceptual Note

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Pub. Date :May, 2019
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Author Name : Tulika Chakravorty, Karunakar Jha and Sunil Barthwal
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In this digital era, all sectors are transforming from a paper-based approach to electronic mode and healthcare sector is no exception.The Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR) have been gaining prominence in the Indian healthcare sector due to changing policies and government norms towards Digital-India (Kim et al., 2017). EHR, also termed as electronic medical/patient records, is a digitized format of the medical data of the patients or medical history managed in the electronic format, which primarily includes patient health-related information like medical history, medical problems, laboratory or diagnostic reports, etc. (Dobrzykowski and Tarafdar, 2016; and Plantier et al., 2017). EHR adoption has changed the age-old paper-based manual records system to a completely digitalized approach and is bringing in various performance impacts in healthcare (Kim et al., 2017).


The other digital technology Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are platforms for providing integrated software for multiple business-silos and various stakeholders of the systems (Mucheleka and Halonen, 2015; and Garefalakis et al., 2016).