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The Impact of Tourists’ Sociodemographic Characteristics on Perceived Destination Image

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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Author Name : Sabari Shankar R
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Subject/Domain : Marketing Management
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The Indian economy is expected to be the third largest by 2028. This sets the pace for various sectors, including the tourism sector. It is highly important to understand the existing tourists’ behavior and perception towards destinations. The paper understands the impact of tourists’ sociodemographic characteristics on perceived destination image, both cognitive and affective. This work has been extracted from a major research work on destination image with Coimbatore as the tourist destination. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire from 448 tourists and SPSS has been used for analyzing the data. Interpretation has been made based on multivariate analysis. The major findings are that sociodemographic characteristics such as age, education, occupation and income of tourists significantly influence perceived destination image. The most important image aspects of the destination have been examined and listed for the purpose of informing the destination marketers during strategic planning on branding the destination.


Tourism, the pride of any country, not only enriches economic development, but also protects heritage and natural, cultural, religious and climatic attractions. Destination marketers have an onerous role, as competitive destinations not only bring in challenges, but also impose the threat of sustainability. It is obligatory for the businesses, government and other stakeholders to benchmark their tourist destinations so as to be competitive; and thus, the need arises for understanding the targeted tourists.