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The Enormous Value of Education in the Business World

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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There is formal academic education, and there is informal ongoing education. The first one is important. The second one is much more important.


The word education comes from the Latin word, educo, which means to draw out. Education means to draw out the best from the students, the teacher, and the subject.

Formal academic education too often focuses on the label, the grade, the GPA, the class rank, the schools you got into, and your resume. That misses the main point. The main point of education is draw out the best within yourself.

For ten years, 1987-1997, I was a high school math teacher. Here was a typical exchange between a student and me: Student: Why are we learning Algebra? Me: So people like me have a job. Student: Where will we ever use this stuff in real life?