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Effective Reading Strategies to Teach Prose: An Empirical Study

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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Author Name : M Srilakshmi
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It is found that the ability to read a printed text plays a vital role in developing a student’s comprehension. Many students struggle to comprehend what they read in their class because they lack not only deep involvement with their text but also strategies which help them in understanding a text. Pre, while, and post reading activities assist the learners in successfully reading, understanding, learning, and enjoying a selected text and make reading more communicative. This empirical study emphasizes on pre, while, and post reading activities to teach prose. For this study, two prose lessons of equal complexity were selected and taught to one group. The first lesson was taught using the traditional method, and the second lesson was taught using pre, while, and post reading activities. A questionnaire and a checklist were prepared to evaluate the students’ attitude, and data with written answers was collected. Informal discussions were held after the sessions. The findings of the study revealed that pre, while, and post reading activities helped the students improve their reading skills.


Reading is an important language skill and sometimes quite a challenging activity because the act of understanding a printed text is not always simple. The learners face difficulties in reading academic texts due to the specific nature of the discourse, the density of information, and the technical vocabulary present in the texts. If the learners do not reach the expected perspective level in the comprehension of a text they read, they will not be able to reach the content-specific goals. This problem needs to be addressed, and from an academic point of view, the teachers have the responsibility to equip their classrooms and familiarize the learners with appropriate reading strategies that will help them become better readers. One of the most recommended methods to enhance reading is to design activities that follow the stages of pre-reading, while-reading, and post-reading activities.