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Migration to Cloud: The Strategic Issues

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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Author Name : Jitendra Singh
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Cloud computing has emerged as a single solution for a variety of business needs. To newly budding startups and existing businesses, for IT solution, if anything that strikes them, it is cloud computing. Migrating to cloud is a sensitive issue. This work has identified several strategic issues that need to be taken into account to avoid any bumping in cloud adoption. It will immensely assist in mitigating the risk for the business organization, particularly those aiming at migrating to cloud computing in order to drive the business benefits. The newly introduced privacy act General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) of European Union (EU) is also taken into account to understand its impact on cloud computing, particularly in EU. Issues have been tailored in order to ensure that it caters to the emerging and dynamic demand of subscribers.


Cloud computing is a highly sought paradigm in business world. Researchers (Buyya et al., 2009) termed it as 5th utility model and subscribers need to pay similar to that of utility bills (Armbrust et al., 2010; and Singh et al., 2011). Cloud computing is set to proliferate further in the developing countries and the emerging economies (Singh, 2016). Owing to the improved maturity, user’s reliance has grown further (Chang et al., 2016). In recent years, cloud witnessed the phenomenal growth rate of around 25%, which is considerably higher relative to the overall IT growth of around 12% (Gartner, 2018a). Gartner forecasts public cloud revenue to grow around 18% for the year 2019 (Gartner, 2018b). Integrated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are the key growth drivers of public cloud (Gartner, 2018a).


Cloud strategy, Business issues in cloud, Cloud migration, Service Level Agreement (SLA) in cloud