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Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Through Metacognitive Strategies

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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Author Name : S Mekala and Geetha Radhakrishnan
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Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) is an approach that helps the learners to regulate their cognition and manage their learning process. SRL is a predominant requisite for the learners to systematize their learning process and to evolve as autonomous learners, enabling them to cope with the present education system and the future workplace. SRL is effectuated through the enhancement of learners’ metacognition. Metacognition enables the learners to be conscious of their own thought process in the process of learning. Besides, it involves the learners to observe and evaluate their own thinking. Accordingly, the metacognitive strategies— planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluating—provide awareness to the learners and help in their learning progress. This paper focuses on the efficacy of these strategies to promote SRL, as it would improve the learners’ introspection on their learning process. Further, the paper explores SRL to regulate the learners’ progress and to enhance their reflective practice in the process of learning. Moreover, SRL is effectuated by guiding the learners to monitor and assess their performance in order to achieve their goal. The SRL generates an optimistic change in the learners’ responsibility towards learning and endows them with selfcontrol over their learning process. Eventually, it leads them towards Self- Directed Learning (SDL) and enables them to function as autonomous learners.


Metacognition plays a vital role in enabling the learners’ thinking ability. It empowers them to be conscious of their own thought process. In order to implement this consciousness in the process of learning, learners should be facilitated with metacognitive strategies in their classrooms. Besides providing awareness, it helps the learners to monitor and evaluate their learning process, in turn leading them towards Self-Regulated Learning (SRL). SRL enables the learners’ potential to self-control, self- monitor, self-motivate and self-regulate their learning process. This SRL is essential for the learners to develop life-long learning skills in this challenging world. The metacognitive strategies, such as planning, monitoring and evaluating, help the learners in transforming themselves into self-regulated learners. As self-regulated learners, they would be able to regulate their thought process and reflect on their performance towards learning. As a result, this integration of metacognitive strategies and SRL necessitates the learners to function as autonomous learners, which play a crucial role in shifting the responsibility of learning process from facilitators to the learners.