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What Makes You a Good Writer? Tips from Literary Stalwarts

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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The importance of soft skills in modern times cannot be underestimated. Soft skills are personal skills that can affect two major areas of life: career and relationships. Writing is one such skill that can boost other soft skills like negotiation, teamwork, networking, and problem solving. The writers are usually master strategists. They know and experience the world through their characters and stories. To be an inspirational writer has been a dream for many. Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta, Chitra Banerjee and Arundhati Roy have been role models for many aspiring authors. While reading a book, many of us must be thinking that we could write a better version. Some keep writing without producing a meaningful word, whereas others have imbibed the craft so well that whatever comes out of their pen (or keyboard) becomes powerful enough to produce sense. Where does the difference lie between these two types of writers? Is writing a natural craft or can it be inculcated by practice? Should writing be clubbed with literary agents like metaphors, similes and metonyms for catering to the need of class or should it be a simple and plain affair for reaching to the multitude? The present paper attempts to answer these questions by studying and analyzing the advice given by literary giants to the budding writers.


No art can be infused without toil and sweat. Some may possess natural talent for music and painting, but that talent needs to be honed properly for becoming an expert in that field. Same is true for the art of good writing. The display of excellent vocabulary, good flair of language, grammar, technical knowhow of the language and figures of speech can probably not make you a good writer. Being a good writer requires something more than these. By reading and imitating literary legends cannot make you a writer. Being a high-quality writer requires more than that. The points that are not enough to make you a writer are recognized. Then what are the points by acquiring which one can be a good writer? The present paper attempts to provide a list of qualities and skills required for a writer as specified by some well-known names in the field of writing. The purpose of giving this list is to prepare wannabe writers for a pleasant yet painful and long yet lasting journey called writing.