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Responsible Leadership and Engaging and Retaining Talent

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2019
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Responsible leadership involves acting responsibly towards an organization’s stakeholders. Engaging and retaining talent can be a particular challenge. The people of an organization represent a key group of stakeholders. Acting responsibly towards them can involve ensuring they are properly supported and enabled to do what is expected of them, and in particular that they are helped to understand complex areas and undertake difficult and on occasion stressful tasks. Talent Management 2 involves providing practical, accessible, affordable and easy to use support that enables key workgroups to excel at key tasks and deliver multiple benefits for individuals, organizations and the environment.


Relationships with stakeholders have been considered a central element of responsible leadership (Maak and Pless, 2006a and 2006b). Responsible leadership involves acting responsibly towards the various stakeholders in an organization. Other elements of responsible leadership that have been identified include sustainable/green development and social responsibility (Antunes and Franco, 2017; and Lasrado and Bimal, 2018). A challenge for corporate boards is to be simultaneously responsible to key corporate stakeholders, while at the same time balancing requirements for affordability and the efficient use of resources and acting responsibly towards the environment and wider society. Too often some interests are pursued at the expense of others.


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