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The Actions of Leadership

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2019
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Leaders distinguish themselves by their actions, not by their titles, income, gender, race, size, or personality type. Leaders share certain actions in common. It is through their actions that they emerge as leaders. In this paper, we will focus on specific actions you can take to influence a group of people to achieve something truly remarkable.


We begin this paper by focusing on clarifying the quest you want your group to undertake. A quest is a journey to prove yourself capable of fulfilling your purpose.

If you expand that to a group of people or to an entire organization or an entire society, then a quest becomes a journey to mutually prove yourselves capable of fulfilling the group’s, organization’s, or society’s purpose. Before establishing a plan or writing something or organizing a meeting, the first step is to clarify the quest. The leader might be the one who states it for the first time, or it might be someone from within the group that states it first, or it might be someone from outside the group who states it first. It does not matter who establishes the quest. The key is that it is clear for everyone to understand.