Publication Ethics

To ensure quality publication, IUP Publications observes ethical practices in selecting the papers for publication, such as:

  • No Predatory Practices - We do not charge the authors any publication fee.

  • Plagiarism - Strives to publish original content; papers with plagiarism are out rightly rejected.

  • Citation - Authors are insisted upon to rightly cite the relevant literature to the topic that is being examined in the paper.

  • Elimination of duplication - Authors are advised not to send papers for publication which are already under consideration with other journals. Duplication, if any, is noticed, such papers are immediately withdrawn from the journal’s digital format.

  • Elimination of falsification of data - Authors are required to give a signed declaration to the effect that the paper sent for publication is original and is based on author’s own work.

  • Peer-review - Papers with no indication of the author’s names are mailed to the referees for their evaluation. The names of referees are kept as a secret from the authors too. The referees are requested to give their opinion in writing and duly signed by them, which ensures that the referees have indeed gone through the paper and evaluated it.

  • Compliance - Disputes regarding authorship/ownership of data, if any, received, such allegations are immediately examined and if found necessary such papers are withdrawn from the digital format with an appropriate note. Such authors are once for all blacklisted.
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