Information to Authors

. The article/paper should be typed in MS Word.

. Title of the article/paper should be followed by name, e-mail and affiliation(s) of author(s).

. Use a single column layout with both left and right margins justified.

. Font: Main Body - 12 pt.; Style: Times, or the closest comparable font available.

. Tables and Figures

To the extent possible, tables and figures should appear in the document near/after where they are referenced in the text. Avoid the use of overly small type in tables. In no case should tables or figures be in a separate document or file.

. References

It is the author's obligation to provide complete references with the necessary information. References should appear in the text as: "Apostolou et al. (2001) reported that ..." and the list of all the references must be placed at the end of the manuscript in the following style.

- Apostolou B, Hassell J M, Webber S A and Sumners G E (2001), "The Relative Importance of Management Fraud Risk Factors", Behavioral Research in Accounting, Vol.13, pp. 1-24.

- Steve Albrecht W, Keith R Howe and Marshall B Romney (1985), "Deterring Fraud: The Internal Auditors Perspective", The Accounting Review, Vol. 60, No. 4, pp. 774-775.

. Manuscripts are accepted for publication on the understanding that these contain original unpublished work, not submitted for publication anywhere else.

Once the manuscripts are accepted the authors have to submit a copyright compliance certificate to the IUP Publications.

. Fact of manuscript presented/submitted in a conference/seminar must be clearly mentioned at the bottom of the first page of the manuscript and the author should specify with whom the copyright rests.

. Papers are processed through a blind referral system by experts in the subject areas. To ensure anonymity, the writer's name, designation and other details should appear only on the first page along with the title of the paper and should not be repeated anywhere else.

. If you face any problem in submitting the manuscripts online you can send your works to:

The Editor
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Andhra Pradesh, India

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