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Energy Conservation System for Classroom Using Microcontroller: An Innovation

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2021
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Author Name : Alaina Thea A Villanueva and Anthony U Concepcion
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Schools are now focusing on power-saving measures aimed at conserving energy, going green and saving money. The objective of the study is to measure electricity consumption and display the number of people entering a classroom by counting through a system built in device. When the number of persons inside the room is equal to zero, the power supply inside the room should be cut using a relay interface, and when the number of persons count is greater than zero, the microcontroller turns on the room lights and fans. Using this device, the school can conserve energy, benefit better foster student learning, increase knowledge and serve as center of community life. According to Martirano (2011), in view of the foregoing issues and concerns pertaining to high energy consumptions, the use of energy conservation system for classroom may be considered as a possible solution to the aforementioned issues. The system was found highly acceptable in terms of functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency and portability. The acceptability of energy conservation system for classroom is not only strongly recommended and adopted by the school administration to reduce their energy consumption and bills but also should be available for other colleges or schools. The study was found to be highly acceptable and strongly recommended for further improvement of the system in the field of industrial technology.


The demand for electricity is on the rise. As the world population increases and global industrialization continues at a rapid pace, the need for reliable electricity grows. The number of new connections and general load growth has continued at a rapid pace, in line with economic growth. Not only the demand for electricity has increased with more and more people connecting to the electric grid, but also the needs and demands of electricity customers have increased due to the extent of technology deployed in the average household.


Conserving energy, Microcontroller, Relay interface, Student learning, Industrial technology school classroom