Effect of Brand Experience and Customer Satisfaction on Brand Loyalty Toward Sports Shoe Brands
Shivani Malhan and Shikha Agnihotri

In marketing, brand loyalty refers to a consumer,s commitment to repurchase or continue to use the brand. Brand loyalty is a critical factor for firms as it increases their profitability and market share. This study analyzes the impact of customer satisfaction and brand experience on brand loyalty. Regression analysis was used in the study, with two independent variables, namely, brand experience and customer satisfaction. The dependent variable considered for the study is brand loyalty. The results show that there is a substantial effect of the independent variables on brand loyalty. Through this study, the marketers will be able to analyze the impact of brand experience and customer satisfaction on brand loyalty and thereby improve these variables in order to increase market share. FullArticle...

A New Marketing Communication Model for Car Subscription in India
Rinky Trivedi and Anupama Chirag Dave

Preferences are changing swiftly. This paradigm shift has been absorbed by the four-wheeler industry to carve a niche for itself. An innovative model with respect to usage of cars has been createdthe vehicle subscription model with a potential to offer enormous benefits to the user. But unfortunately, it has not been able to penetrate well in Indian markets; lack of awareness and craze for ownership has been identified as a predominant barrier to the success of this model. The study adopted both descriptive and exploratory research. Descriptive research aims to understand the factors that are considered by consumers when they make a decision to buy a car. These factors included 28 identified items based on literature and the benefits of the vehicle subscription model. Exploratory research was undertaken to understand the present communication, for which content analysis of YouTube ads was done. The results of descriptive research were mapped with the content analysis to propose managerial implications. Appropriate advertisement and promotion can help create right positioning for the subscription model. This can contribute to building awareness and positive association. The findings of the study aided in developing the "OO-SS Cost-Benefit Communication Model". The study is unique in terms of its contribution, as not much academic research is available in the domain of vehicle subscription. It has tried to integrate the perspectives of respondents in determining an apt communication message. FullArticle...

Green Quotient and Adoption of Internet Banking as a Contributor to Sustainability: A Study of Underprivileged Customers
R Venkataraman and Ashwini A N

limate change is a pressing issue that is of huge concern in economies across the world. This makes it even more challenging for strategic decision makers to adopt new business strategies to develop and sustain the competitive advantages essential for attracting and retaining loyal consumers. Different studies have been conducted to understand the relationship between sustainable practices and green consumer behavior specific to products and services in different market conditions. Yet, it is important to note that context, nature and market differences have a greater influence on the nature and significance of the said relationship. In this frame of reference, the present study focuses on understanding the level of awareness underprivileged consumers, who are at the bottom of the economic pyramid, have about the objective of environmental concerns and associate the same as an important factor for decision-making. The study focuses on underprivileged retail banking consumers such as microentrepreneurs, street vendors, domestic workers, etc., who either discontinue or are deprived of formal education, making it challenging for them to get exposure to environmental issues. FullArticle...

Efficacy of Indian Brand Slogans: Hidden Insights
B Nagarjuna

A slogan is a phrase meant to communicate a clear message. Slogans are often short yet rhyme in order for readers or audiences to recall them quickly. Most slogans contain a message designed to assist customers in comprehending and experiencing the benefit, often known as an important, critical, or key factor. The author,s aim is to provide advice and assistance to businesses on the considerable advantages of creating a powerful and effective brand slogan. In this study, for a category-wise analysis, a sample of 311 slogans was taken and sub-classified into food product slogans, service slogans, general category slogans, and corporate brand slogans. The study concludes that a slogan can be around four words in length, conveying a functional benefit in the case of a product or service and a non-functional benefit (corporate image or branding) in the case of corporate branding slogans. The importance of rhyme and language in the creation of slogans varies. FullArticle...

Identifying Further Research Areas Regarding Influence of Personal Brands on Digital Platforms: A Review
Khushboo Vaishnav, Sunny Bose, Sudeepta Pradhan and Vikas Gautam

This study aims to identify and analyze different categories of personal brands on digital platforms also known as influencers, who shape consumers, attitudes and behaviors. It compares and contrasts the capabilities of three prominent categories of influencers: (1) Celebrities, (2) Internet Celebrities, and (3) Regular Users. The authors review 81 theoretical and empirical journal papers, generated from SCOPUS and Google Scholar search, where the source of influence on a digital platform was a 'person or group of persons,. The PRISMA approach was adopted to conduct this systematic literature review. The findings indicate that the influence of personal brands on digital platforms is differential in nature. The findings of the review are presented in an organizing framework, listing out how these three categories influence consumers, attitudes and behaviors as well as what factors (source, consumer, brand, content and platform-related) are instrumental in their influence. We show how the nature and magnitude of these factors change, for each category, contributing to their 'differential influence,. FullArticle...

The Art of Bitfulness: Keeping Calm in the Digital World
Authors: Nandan Nilekani and Tanuj Bhojwani

Have you ever tried to digital detox yourself by keeping away from tech devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and social media unsuccessfully? If your answer is 'yes,, then this book is for you. If you are uninitiated on the goings-on in the digital world and would want to understand how disruptive technology is poised to play out in the future and if you ever wondered what are the perils of our obsession with digital technology, then this book is all the more for you to read!

The Art of Bitfulness: Keeping Calm in the Digital World is a thoughtful book that nudges us to reflect on how to create healthy boundaries between us and the Internet so that we could ward off all the distractions that might come in the way of our performance. The book also discusses what tech companies could do to design tools that mean greater good to society and how to create a balance between the public and private sectors for infrastructure development and innovation. This is achieved by the authors through carefully curated insights, and well-researched information fused with their own rich experiences in technology and humanities spaces. FullArticle...