Dec '22


Opportunities and Challenges of Tribal Entrepreneurship: A Review
Amar Vangad and Rajesh Kumar Pandey

The study examines 'Tribal Entrepreneurship' and the various opportunities and challenges that tribal entrepreneurs face. Selected research papers and articles on the theme were studied, based on which conceptual inferences were drawn for better clarity. Opportunities in terms of business avenues and government initiatives and schemes were collated. The major challenges identified for tribal entrepreneurship are lack of awareness, non-availability of resources, and lack of entrepreneurial abilities, social acceptance and encouragement. Based on these findings, 'Tribal Entrepreneurship Model' has been developed. FullArticle...

Motivation of Women Entrepreneurs in Conflict Zones: A case Study of Jammu and Kashmir
Mohammad Furqan Khan, Roshan Ara, Ziya Aslam, Junaid Ahmad Wani, Heena Gulam and Nadi Azad

Previous research has overlooked the role of conflict in influencing the factors that motivate women entrepreneurs in troubled economies. This paper aims to explore the in-depth motivations of women entrepreneurs in the conflict zone of Kashmir and simultaneously compare the results with their counterparts in peaceful regions (Jammu Division) of the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir. In other words, this study attempts to extend the context-dependent framework of entrepreneurship to the context of economic disturbance due to conflict. Twenty women entrepreneurs financed by Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI), a state funding agency, participated in the study across the UT. In-depth interviews were conducted, and Grounded Theory technique was used to analyze the data. The study's findings show that women in conflict zones are mostly motivated by push factors like family reasons and unemployment. Whereas in peaceful regions, women are driven by entrepreneurial passion and social needs. In contrast, recognition and financial independence were found as significant reasons that inspire women to start business ventures, irrespective of the context. Conflict plays a major role in affecting the motivation of women entrepreneurs across the UT. This study is a unique research contribution, as the motivation of women entrepreneurs in J&K has never been studied in the context of the conflict in the past, particularly with qualitative methods. FullArticle...

Role of KSUM to Stimulate Entrepreneurship in Kerala
Shameera M K and D Vennila

Startups have a significant impact on India's economy. People with innovative ideas are setting up startups with minimal resources. While skills are key to creating successful startups, innovation is a prerequisite for the development of any nation. To promote entrepreneurship, the Government of Kerala has launched different schemes for young entrepreneurs in the state. This paper mainly covers the schemes available under the Kerala Startup Mission for young and innovative entrepreneurs and information relating to startups in the state. FullArticle...

Case Study
Interswitch Drives Financial Inclusion: Can Africa's Fintech Unicorn Sustain the Momentum?
Shwetha Kumari and Jitesh Nair

Interswitch Group (Interswitch), an Africa-focused integrated digital payments and commerce company, was founded in December 2002 in Nigeria by Mitchell Elegbe. Interswitch was launched as a transaction switching and electronic payments processing company that built and managed payment infrastructure and soon grew to deliver innovative payment products and transactional services throughout the African continent. Over the years, Interswitch had grown through funding and partnerships. By mid-2020, Interswitch was present in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Gambia, and its services and payment tokens were being used in 25 African markets. However, it was facing increasing competition from fintech startups in Nigeria and across Africa. Startups such as Flutterwave and TeamAPT had already entered some of Interswitch's product territory. Amidst these developments, industry experts wondered whether Interswitch would be able to broaden access to financial services for Africans, driving greater financial inclusion across the continent. FullArticle...